Golf Stretches Can Improve Performance


With autumn just around the corner and the temperatures still very comfortable around the country, now is the perfect time to hit the putting green. There is nothing more enjoyable than a game of golf on a warm, sunny day, and golf can give you a serious workout while allowing you to have some friendly competition with your buds. While many do not think of golf as a sport that requires a lot of physical endurance, there are definitely benefits to stretching and warming up before you make your swing.

Stretch the Muscles That Are Used

A lot goes into a golf swing, it is actually one motion that requires many different muscles of the body to spring into action. Consider stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps, back, hips, and core muscles so that you can pivot fluidly. When you put power behind a swing, this will also help you to avoid tearing anything or injuring yourself. Of course, you must also be sure to focus on stretching your shoulders and wrists so that you can swing exactly as you intend to. Stretches should be done after a game to cool down, and should also be done before the game-but only after a warm up.

Warm Up Before the Game

Before even stretching, you should get your muscles loose and limber by jogging, doing jumping jacks, and moving around a little. This will help you to keep up with the game once it starts, avoiding those dreaded first tee penalties that are so common as people try to warm up when they step up to make their first swing. Doing a little work beforehand can give you an advantage that may result in pars and birdies as you play your best game.

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