Hatha Yoga Is Great for Body and Mind

images (2)If you have that fuzzy, missed-your-workout frustrated feeling at the end of a long day, but you simply don’t have the time to get to the gym for a full workout, a 20-minute routine of Hatha yoga is just the thing to clear and focus your mind, energize you and get you feeling great again. A recent study done at the University of Illinois shows that Hatha yoga improves not just focus, but also memory and even the capacity to learn and retain new information. Learn a few basic Hatha poses by taking a class or checking out a video and do each pose for five long breaths to achieve peace and focus.


Child’s Pose

This fundamental seated pose is great for stretching and aligning your spine to support all other moves. Child’s pose is done by kneeling on the ground and bending down over your knees, extending your arms long out in front of you. Place your nose on the mat, or as close as you can get, and breathe deeply.


Warrior Poses

The warrior poses are all about holding your core tight while you lunge or lean and stretch your arms long and tall. These poses also align your spine while they work all of your muscles and increase your breath capacity. Warrior poses are done with your legs far apart and by placing your weight on different feet as necessary. Study all of the warrior poses and practice them regularly.



Hatha poses like Tree are fantastic for balance, which automatically works your core muscles really well. Stand with the bottom of one foot against the inside of the opposite knee or thigh, if you can reach your leg that far. Lift your arms high above your head in a “Y” shape and breathe deeply. You must stand tall to maintain balance in this pose, which is wonderful for your posture.

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