Hip Raises for Better Bottoms

Hip raises will tighten your abs in whole with the focus on the lower abs. Hip raises also tighten your gluts, and thighs. Never again will you feel the need to ask, “Does my butt look fat?” Hip raises are easy to do and are very effect for all from beginners to pros.

Get a Better Butt

To begin lay face up on an exercise mat with your knees bent slightly and your feet resting comfortably on the mat. Your feet should be spaced evenly apart in line with the rest of your body.Bring your arms down to your side; palm side down resting next to your hips. Using your arms as leverage raise your hips as high as you can comfortably while tightening your abs, gluts, and thigh muscles; hold pose for the count of 10; return to the starting position with your hips resting on the mat; repeat.Do three sets of 10 reps resting for a couple of minutes between sets.

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