Indoor Workouts to Keep You Fit Through the Winter


The cold weather and uncomfortable precipitation might drive you inside, but there are still plenty of workouts that can be done indoors. Working out will keep you feeling fit and healthy through the sluggish months and will help you to avoid having to start all over when the weather warms. These workouts can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

Dance Your Heart Out

There are tons of dance workouts available for free or cheap over the internet. Many of the videos even provide a detailed tutorial that will help you keep up with the moves and really grove to the beat with expertise. Dance workouts provide full-body cardio that will keep your heart pumping and help you to burn fat all winter long.

Pilates Instructionals

Pilates can be done right on a mat without the need for other equipment. Pilates focuses on core strength and breathing techniques, so you can work to bring out your inner six-pack way ahead of beach season. Pilates also helps you improve your balance.

Jump on a Trampoline

Trampolines are fun, so they can raise your spirits even while giving you an intense workout. Your heart rate will automatically rise after jumping for a while, bringing you to an optimum level for burning fat and building muscle. Trampolines will help to keep your core stabilized and working while giving you an intense all-over leg workout.

Give Yoga a Try

If you have never tried yoga, the winter is the perfect chance. Yoga can help bring your mind and body into alignment, which can protect you from the winter blues. Yoga can also help you to tone your body and improve your flexibility. Some variations are focused on intensity and fitness, while others are focused on relaxation and mindfulness, so select according to your goals.

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