Kayaking for Upper Body Strength


There are thousands of workout plans that’ll work your upper body and give you good results. But sometimes it’s nice to see the results of your labor while you’re actually working out. Kayaking allows just this – it’ll make you work your entire upper body, even as you watch the water skim by the sides of your vessel.

Kayaks are also quite affordable – for adecent kayak, you’ll pay no more than you would for a traditional piece of exercise equipment. They’re also compact and lightweight. You shouldn’t have a problem fitting one on top of your car, assuming it isn’t a convertible.

Kayaking Health Benefits

kayak is a small craft which is propelled using a two-handed paddle. Because you perform strokes on both sides of the craft, you’ll work both sides of your body just about equally. The paddling motion requires that you twist your trunk as you paddle. So each stroke will engage your lats and core in addition to your deltoids and triceps. Although kayaks are surprisingly stabile, they still require you to engage your hip flexors and lower abdominal muscles in order to counteract swaying and tipping. During your time in the kayak, your muscles will nearly always be engaged to some extent.

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