Labor Day Workout

labor-day-workout-squat-jumpsThis Labor Day, you can get in the spirit by working in some football drills to your workout routine. There are many different kinds of drills used across the country, and every team uses conditioning drills that are hand-selected by the coach. The main thing that football players note is that football drills are typically done at the end of practice, pushing the players past the point of fatigue and to a new plateau of endurance.

Football Drills

1. Sprints-In a large field or gymnasium, find demarcations that note the yardage. Figure out a set pattern, such as six sets of forty yard dashes, followed by three sets of sixty yard dashes, two sets of eighty yard dashes, and one one-hundred yard sprint. Rest for a moment in between sets.
2. Squat jumps-Start off in a squatting position, and jump. Upon landing, immediately bend knees and squat again. From here, jump again. This exercise should be continuous, with a certain number of repetitions decided in advance.
3. Karaoke Drill-Make sure there is plenty of room to either side, at least twenty feet. Start with arms out to the side, standing straight, with feet slightly apart and straight. Bring the right foot forward and cross over the left. Step the left foot out to the left side, uncrossing the legs. Bring the right foot behind the left, twisting to the left. Kick the right foot out in front, bringing the body slightly sideways as the feet recross. Bring the left foot around behind, coming back to the beginning posture. Complete the routine again. When performed in succession, this exercise will resemble skipping sideways. A ladder can be used as a guideline, and then this drill is called a ladders drill.
These are just a few drills that can be performed to increase strength, agility, speed, and endurance. These can be performed together, along with push-ups, sit-ups, jumping rope, and jumping jacks to create a varied and intense football drill routine. Then get out there, throw the ball, and enjoy your Labor Day!

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