Lose Weight Fast and Start Now! Circuit Training


Circuit training is a form of exercise or resistance training that combines low resistance weight lifting with high intensity cardio exercises. Circuit training targets strength building and muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one complete cycle or a set  routine with a mix of cardio and low intensity muscle training with little to no rest in between sets .

Thirty Minutes to a Quick Body Fix

A Typical Circuit Training workout is a quick 30 minute session versus an hour of weight training and a 30 minutes session of cardio when working out traditionally. Circuit training is the least time consuming method to a healthy and sexier waistline. The combination of weight training the entire body while doing cardio exercises in between sets forces  the body to burn fat as it adds that sweet lean muscle that the majority of population are striving for-and the longevity that comes with it.

Start Circuit Training Next Time You Hit the Gym

Whether you choose to work out at home or your local gym, circuit training can be integrated into your everyday workout by removing the rest in between sets. Resistance training offers many different benefits to the body compared to standard cardiovascular exercise. Most individuals look for the benefits of weight loss in addition to muscle gain as key goals in their exercise programs.

Traditional resistance training programs do burn some calories during the session, but the amount of calories expended when circuit training is astronomical. What are you waiting for? if you have 30 minutes three days a week you could change your life! Simply lift-run-lift-run repeat.

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