Lower Body Strength

Feel the burn in your legs – not in your pocket

Our legs and feet receive the most amount of stress in our body, from constantly walking and lifting body weight in the process. While a number of exercise enthusiasts focus on having washboard abs or well – toned arms, there is less focus directed on lower body strength. But strengthening our leg muscles isn’t as tough and expensive. 

There are a number of exercises that not only produce the perfect calves, but build them up as well. And the best part is that, these do not need expensive or extravagant equipment. A thick, wide block of wood for step aerobics, or 1L water bottles if there are no dumbbells to lift with your feet, your good, old staircase for stepping up and down and even with no equipment at all! A quick sprint, steady jog, or brisk walk is more than enough.

There are many other ways to a leaner and stronger lower half, without spending a lot. Building lower body strength only means feeling the burn in your legs – not in your pocket.

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