Lower Body Strength

To achieve that lower body strength that you desire, there are numerous workouts and exercises that you can perform to help achieve that goal. Many of these exercises can be done at the gym or at home using dumbbells or barbells, however, there are some that can easily be done at home without such heavy equipment.

One such exercise uses one of those large physio balls. The exercise is called the physio ball curl and extention. You can lie down on the floor and put your both feet up on top of the ball. Do this while keeping your body at a straight angle with your arms stretched out on each side. 

Then place your both feet flat on top of the ball, bend your knees up, and raise your body up so that your head and shoulders are only on the floor.

You can then straighten you knees, lower your body, and raise one leg up, lower it, and then raise up the other leg. Do this whole routine repetitively, and do it each day. This will contribute to the lower body strength that you so desire.

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