Make Holiday Decorating Pain Free


Holiday decorating is fun and festive. However, holiday decorating causes tons of injuries every year as people bend, stretch, and lift heavy boxes in ways that their bodies aren’t used to. Even if you make it a point to regularly stay pretty fit, your muscles may not be used to working in certain ways, so they may cramp up or otherwise become uncomfortable or inured. If you look at holiday decorating like any other type of workout, it may help to keep you safe and comfortable.

Do Some Warm-Ups

If you were going to go on a run, you would probably jog in place a little, first. Think of the movement you will be using to decorate in the same way. If you will be grabbing a lot of things from a box on the ground, do some active toe-touches. Squats may also help keep you limber for when you start decorating the bottom half of the tree. Doing overhead stretches may help you prepare for outside decorating and doing the top part of the tree.

Lift Properly-As If You Were at the Gym

Look at lifting your boxes as a chance to get a little extra weight lifting in. Your boxes may be bulkier than a set of dumbbells, but try to lift using the same techniques. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your back, bending your knees and making sure to use mostly your arms and legs.

Get a Good, Safe Stretch

Hanging lights outside can give you a great all-over stretch. Be sure to use a tall ladder, so that you are not in danger of falling. When putting up lights, take advantage of the opportunity to really stretch your whole back out by reaching for the sky. If you start to feel uncomfortable after a while of decorating, take time to stretch the muscles out before going back to it. Enjoy!

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