On Vacation? Make Use of the Pool for Some Workout Moves

download (1)Summer is a wonderful time for working out because the sun is shining, the temps are warmer and it’s all so inspiring for us to get outside and get active. Summer can also be a really tough time to keep a regular workout schedule because we’re so busy having fun and are constantly running off on vacations and weekend getaways. But just because your regular workout schedule gets interrupted by your summer vacation doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to stay active and get in a good workout while you’re away from home.


Take advantage of the hotel pool while you’re off on your summer trip and use it for far more than just lounging around in the sun, drinking cocktails (although you should certainly make time to do that as well.) In addition to using the pool to, you know, SWIM, which is fantastic exercise, you can also use that pool to burn some calories by doing some traditional workout moves in the water. By simply sitting in the water with your back to the wall and your arms holding on to the sides you can do all sorts of leg exercises such as leg lifts, twists and bicycle. And the best part is that the water makes you so buoyant and light you’ll be able to do many reps without feeling the burn at all. You can also do core work and jumps in the pool that might be hard on your knees when they’re done on the ground. Engage your abs and do a knee tuck by bringing your knees up high to your chest. A whole bunch of these will be easy to do in the water and will pay off with tight abs when you’re out of the pool.

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