Pyramids Egyptians Didn’t Create


You’ve reached a strength plateau with your current workout. Huge bummer, I know. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, or to put on a few in muscle, when there’s no-noticeable progress, motivation plummets and frustration levels rise. There are several ways to get past workout plateaus, and they all focus on mixing new exercises or new ways to do exercises into your current workout. A very effective way to push through this plateau is to include a “burnout” day doing pyramid training.

Not All Pyramids Are Created Equal

There are three types of pyramid training: Pyramids, Reverse Pyramids, and Diamond Pyramids. Each is effective in its own way. I would encourage you to not think of one being superior to the others, rather that they all complement each other, and combined are a great way to push past your workout stagnation.

Before beginning any exercise you should warm up with a lower weight, doing the exact exercise you will be performing. Doing dynamic stretching is another great warm-up which can be used alone or with the low-weight warm up prior to the pyramid rep-style training.

Pyramid Training

Pyramid rep-style training increases the weight each set while dropping the rep count. The exact number of reps can vary depending on your weight choice, 12-10-8, 8-6-4, etc. If you’ve properly warmed up, you’ll be doing the lower weights at your freshest, and the higher weights at your weakest. Because of this, you should only begin a workout routine with a standard pyramid.

Reverse Pyramid

This style of exercise steps the weight up each set, but lowers the weight. This means you start the exercise at the highest weight when you’re the freshest, and burnout on lower weights at higher reps.

You will feel this the next day.

Diamond Pyramid

Just when you to think reverse pyramids are the most exhausting training you’ve done, Diamond Pyramids remind you how it felt the first day you worked out. Start with a Pyramid and end with Reverse Pyramid and you’ll find your new favorite thing to hate at the gym.

With any kind of workout or training, and especially with pyramid training, don’t forget to stretch out!

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