Reverse Crunches are One of Several Effective Ab Workouts

The reverse crunch is one of several exercises that can help tighten the abs. The key to doing reverse crunches is to be patient and allow the abs to do the work. To do a reverse crunch lie on an exercise mat on the floor and place the hands behind the head. Raise both knees together and bring them toward your chest at a 90 degree angle. If it is more comfortable, the feet may be crossed. Contract the abs and raise the hips off the floor. Remember that the abs should do the work of raising the hips. As the hips rise from the floor, the legs should stretch toward the ceiling. Lower the legs back to the floor. Try the movement again until you are comfortable. Now try two sets of about 15 repetitions. Avoid swinging the legs and let the abs do the work of raising the hips. As you become accustomed to the exercise, you can add one or two more sets of reps.

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