Reverse Crunches for Core Strength

Reverse Crunches

Any fitness connoisseur will tell you about that time they got bored with their workout – it’s natural. We’re human beings. And doing the same task over and over again, while sometimes meditative, can get tiresome. So if you’re tired of performing a regular core workout, or are just looking to diversify what you’re already doing, try out this reverse crunch exercise. It’s a bit of a twist on the original time-tested version.

How to do a Reverse Crunch

Lie down on your back on an exercise mat.

Take your arms out a few inches from your hips and make sure that they’re palm down.

Now engage your core as you lift your legs off of the mat about a foot and bend them at the knee about 30 percent. This is your starting position for the exercise.

Stabilizing with your arms, bring your feet up towards the ceiling as you simultaneously bring your knees in toward your chest.

You should feel your lower back raise off of the floor as your entire core contracts and draws in on itself.

Now slowly uncurl from this position until your back in your starting position.

Repeat until you think you can’t do any more, and then do another ten!

Be sure to regulate your breathing the whole time. And remember – keep your core engaged throughout the full range of this exercise. Just because you’re lying on your back doesn’t mean you get to relax!

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