Russian Twists for Curves

Russian Twist

Are you in the market for a pleasingly curvaceous body? Well the bad but punny news is that developing an hourglass figuretakes time. But the good news is that it’s totally doable! You’ll need to eat right and focus on certain exercises, but the sleek physique you’re striving for will come with time. Here’s an exercise specifically geared at toning your “hourglass muscles” – the obliques, abdominal muscles and outer thighs.

Russian Twist Exercise

Begin by sitting down on a mat with your legs bent and heels firmly on the floor.

Your upper body should be as upright as possible and back straightened.

Grab a dumbbell or heavy medicine ball.

Hold it against your chest with your elbows pointing out to the sides.

Now slowly twist your arms and upper body to the left, keeping your back straight and abs engaged.

Come back to center, then twist to the right.

Aim for 3 sets at a minute apiece.

As you get better at this exercise, there are a number of ways to increase difficulty and thus curve-building potential. For one thing, increase the amount of weight that you involve in the exercise. Also, begin to perform this exercise with a slight upper body incline involved. Then when you’re feeling really comfortable, start to extend and float the legs as you twist.

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