Skate to Lose Weight


If you have a bit of extra weight that you’d like to shed and tone, you may wish to consider purchasing a pair of skates. You can purchase skates from many sporting goods stores, online outlets, and even department stores with a sporting section. There is a huge variety of different kinds of skates available, so you can pick the ones that fit you and match your personality the best. There are also different styles of “skates” that break away from the traditional model and may be fun to try out.

Traditional Skates

Traditional skates have four wheels and a stopper on the front. The wheels are small and some roll more loosely than others, adding a degree of difficulty. You may wish to select a pair that matches with you abilities. Skates start at about $45 and go up from there according to quality and style. Skating is a fun family activity, so you may wish to take the kids and make it a new, fun activity for everyone. Skating is a great leg exercise, but it also works your core and arms as you balance to keep yourself upright and moving.

Roller Blades

Roller blades require a little more attention to balance, as they roll in a line. As with ice skates, you must keep moving or fall, as your movement helps to balance you. Roller skates are fun and fast-paced, but can be a little more difficult to learn. If you are inept with them, there is also a little more risk of injury. Roller blades are generally a little more expensive than skates and start around $70.

Sidewinding Circular Skates

Sidewinding circular skates are a newer innovation that look crazy and futuristic, but provide many of the same benefits of skating and boarding. You place your feet on platforms inside of large rings. The rings roll sideways, taking you along in the same motion as a skateboard would. Sidewinder circular skates give you the same amount of exercise that a longboard would, but can be used for a variety of neat tricks because they roll separately.

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