Skip Your Way Into Spring with These 5 High Quality Jump Ropes

Jump ropes and spring go hand in hand, so why not skip your way to fitness? Jump ropes aren’t just for kids. Some jump ropes are high quality and are made for the serious fitness enthusiast that wants to have a little fun with his or her workout.

Peak Win Athletics Jump Rope

peak win athletics jump rope

This jump rope is made out of spring steel and is coated for safety, so it is comfortable to use but durable enough to last for years. The jump rope is 10 feet tall and can be adjusted to fit you exactly. Simply step on the rope, bring it up to your armpits and cut. The jump rope even comes with a training manual so that you can perfect your technique.

Rogue Bearing Speed Rope


The Rogue Bearing Speed Rope has a ball bearing system and a coated rope that make it perfect for double unders. The handles are 6.75 inches long and virtually indestructible. The rope can be adjusted to fit jumpers of many different heights.

Gold’s Gym Speed Rope

golds gym speed rope

The Gold’s Gym speed rope has handles that are ergonomically designed for the best form. The smooth rope is designed for faster spinning, so you can get the best workout possible. This rope is high quality, but will not break the bank.

ELITE Surge CrossFit Speed Rope


The ELITE Surge speed rope is made with ball bearings and is super light for speed. The handles are made of aluminum and the cable is nylon coated for durability and comfort. The cable is also kink resistant and can be resized as needed.

Nike Speed Jump Rope 2.0

nike speed rope

The Nike speed jump rope is affordable and comfortable to use. The grips are soft and contoured so they will not hurt your hands when you use the rope often. The rope is tangle resistant and fits jumpers up to 6’6” tall.

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