Spine Strengthening Series from Bikram Yoga Builds Serious Strength


Regardless of whether you have tried yoga or are a fan of Bikram (hot) yoga, just about anyone can benefit from the postures included in the spine strengthening series that is a part of every Bikram yoga session. Even if you don’t do the other moves included in Bikram yoga, performing the postures of the spine strengthening series will help you to gain greater control over the muscles in your back and core. The postures complement one another, so you will also feel a release of tension after performing them.

Posture 1: Cobra Pose

Laying flat on the floor on your stomach, bring your hands directly under your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your body. While keeping the tops of your feet firmly pressed into the ground, lift your head and torso off the ground by pressing your palms into the ground. Look up and hold the pose through a few inhales and exhales, then lower back down and turn your head to the left. Rest for about ten seconds, and then lift up again. This time rest with your head turned to the right to get a gentle stretch on your neck.

Posture 2: Locust Pose

Following the cobra pose, bring your head to a neutral, centered position while staying on the floor on your stomach. Bring your hands underneath your hips with your palms facing down. Lift up one leg, then the other leg, then both legs, holding each for about ten seconds. Bring your hands out and rest with your head turned to the left after completing all three. Perform the entire lotus pose again, and then rest (on your stomach with head turned to right) for about ten seconds before moving into the next posture.

Posture 3: Full Locust Pose

Still on your stomach, bring your head and torso up and your arms out to the sides while simultaneously lifting your feet up. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then lower down and rest with your head to the left. Perform the pose again and rest with head to the right.

Posture 4: Bow Pose

Still on your stomach, bring your legs up behind you, bending at the knees. Bring your arms around behind you and grab the tops of your feet. Bring your feet up higher by flexing your legs, being careful not to put strain on your arms or wrists. Lower down and rest your head to the left, and then repeat and rest your head to the right.

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