Spring Cleaning Activities That Provide an Unexpected Workout

It is the perfect time to get some spring cleaning in, clearing out your closets and even moving out into the yard to take care of the debris pile that has been accumulating since the spring. If you have been putting off your spring cleaning and going to the gym instead, you may be happy to learn that some spring cleaning activities can give you an unexpected workout. Break out the gardening gloves, hang up the yoga pants today, and get your sweat on while accomplishing some of these spring cleaning tasks:

Raking Out Gardens

Young woman raking leaves autumn pile garden veranda housework sweeping

Whether you actually employ a rake or you put your gardening gloves on and clear out your gardens using your hands, this can give you a serious workout. Instead of bending over, squat down to work your thighs and glutes while you pull the weeds and debris from your flower beds. Keep your tummy in tight and feel the burn in your shoulders as you work through the activity.

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