Stair Climbing Machines Can Get Your to Your Goals Faster

stair-climbing-machineStair climbing machines give you a closer simulation to actually climbing stairs than ellipticals or adjustable treadmills. The machine functions almost like an escalator, continuously bringing you more stairs to climb. The motion of stepping up can give your legs, glutes, and core a more thorough exercise than most other leg exercises.

Burns Fat and Calories Faster

Climbing stairs burns calories and fat faster than walking on a straight path. Climbing stairs for 15 minutes gives your body the same results as walking briskly for 45 minutes. This can be beneficial to fitness connoisseurs that are looking to lose some weight. The motion is also very good for toning, which can help you shape up and build strength.

Aids Digestion and Speeds Metabolism

Since working out on a stair climber simultaneously puts pressure on the core and improves circulation, digestion is improved. The metabolism also speeds up when more calories are burned quickly. The increased circulation can improve overall health as well, which can boost health, help to lower cholesterol, and help to control blood sugar levels.

Low Impact

Stair climbers are lower impact than many types of exercises, so they are safer for individuals recovering from injuries and those that do not exercise regularly. Climbing stairs at a medium pace is more beneficial than trying to climb the stairs faster and can help to prevent injury. For best results, those just beginning to exercise regularly should start off at a slower pace and work up to a medium pace, climbing for about ½ hour per session and gradually increasing the amount of time.

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