Stretch Your Body Before Swimming


Whether you think of swimming as a fun pastime or a proper exercise session, stretching before you go swimming can help to ease cramping, prevent injuries, and relieve tension, allowing you to get the most from your session. It is important to perform active stretches as a warm up before swimming, as static stretches can have the opposite effect and worsen tension. When stretching and warming up, be sure to stretch out your whole body. Many swimmers only stretch their arms, but swimming uses many other parts of the body in addition to the arms.


Lunges are a good exercise to do no matter what it is that you plan to do with your day, but can be especially good to do before swimming. Lunges open up the lats, quads, abs, and hip flexors, all while giving your leg a good preliminary workout. To do lunges, put the right leg forward and the left leg back, putting the left hand up in the air and slightly backward. Keep the hips parallel to the ground as you lunge, to ensure that you engage the core.

Arm-Up Rotator Stretch

The arm-up rotator stretch can help you to work out your arms a little before swimming. A broom or other stick-like object is required for this stretch. To begin, reach one arm out from the chest and bend the arm at the elbow so that the forearm is pointed up. Using the free arm, grab the broom and put it in the hand of the arm that is pointing up, maneuvering it so the broom is behind the arm. Holding the broom helps to both stretch and work the muscles. Switch arms.

Standing Back Extension with Lateral Extension

Stand straight and fully extend the spine by doing a forward bend and a backward bend several times. Cross the right leg in front of the left leg and reach the left arm up and over the back foot so that you do a side bend. Hold for a few seconds, and then switch sides. Repeat a few times on each side.

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