Stretching at These 3 Times Every Day Will Keep You Flexible and Tension-Free

Stretching can keep you healthy and flexible. Certain types of stretching should be done at different times depending on whether the muscles are warm or cold. Knowing when to do which stretches can help to keep you more comfortable. Having a plan for stretching can also help to keep you on the task so you don’t miss your daily stretches.

First Thing In the Morning

stretching in morning

Stretching as soon as you wake up is natural, but many of us fight it and try to jump right into the grind. Taking a few minutes to stretch in bed and as you get out of bed can help you to relieve the tension in your body so that you go through your day with fewer aches and pains. You may also have better posture through the day and increased energy. Be careful not to hold any one stretch for very long when stretching in the morning, as your body is not yet warm up. Listen to your body and just work the kinks out from the night.

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