Stretching in a Car


If you have to be in a car for a long period of time, you can stiffen and cramp up. Stretching can help to keep you from feeling stiff afterward and may give your muscles a little break and possibly even a little tone. Of course, some of these may not be possible while you are driving, but you can give them a go if you are a passenger or when you are stopped for a while.

Seated Cat and Cow

Cat and cow is a lovely stretch that you usually do on all fours. When seated, the motion is pretty similar, just with a few tweaks. To start, sit towards the edge of your seat with your hands clasped on the edge of the seat. While inhaling, bring your chest forward and bring your shoulders together behind you. Bend backward just slightly to get the best stretch.

As you exhale, bring your back towards the back of the chair and round your shoulders forward. Allow your belly to fall naturally towards your back. Repeat the Stretch a few times to loosen up and maintain comfort.

Ankle Rolls

While stopped, roll one ankle in a circular motion for a few seconds until you feel the joints loosen and maybe hear some pops. Roll the ankle back the other way to complete the stretch. Do the same on the other side. Repeat as necessary until your ankles feel loose and comfortable.

Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are best done when stopped and can help to ease the tension that we often get from hunching forward while driving. Sitting straight and tall, roll the shoulders forward as you inhale, allowing the shoulders to come up by the ears. When you exhale, roll the shoulders back and press them down. Repeat as desired until your shoulders are tension free.

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