Surf’s Up With Indoor Surfing Classes

download (32)A few years back a group of fitness instructors realized that surfers have amazing killer bods. Okay, so that’s not really a huge revelation, we have likely all noticed that surfers tend to be incredibly toned, lean and strong in all the right places, but these particular fitness instructors made the link between surfers’ bodies and the specific actions the surfers were doing in the water every day that were keeping them looking so tight and right. Surfing takes awesome skill and it also requires a lot of work from nearly every muscle in your body as you fight to remain upright and to balance a long wooden board as you ride your way through the crashing surf.


So people took the movements of surfers and used them to start a workout trend called Waveshape. This workout isolated and worked all the same muscle groups that are employed when a person is surfing. But one thing was left out of this workout, the board itself. (Well, two things if you include the ocean and its rushing waves.) Waveshape has evolved over the years and now in many gyms around the country you can take indoor surfing workout classes that actually DO include surfboards. And I’ve got to admit, this workout looks insanely fun. Indoor surfing classes take place on boards that are mounted onto three balls and a baseboard, allowing the board to tilt, pivot and move just like a real surfboard in the water. The instant you stand on one of these boards you’ll feel your abs and leg muscles kick into overdrive just to keep you upright. Then you throw in a workout of exercises on the board, following along with an instructor, and you’ve got a blast of a workout that will burn between 500 and 800 calories in an hour.

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