Tabata Training Technique

cyclingDo you ever feel like you ought to work out, but lack the motivation to do so? Or maybe, even worse, you feel inspired to exercise but don’t have the time available to put in a full shift? Welcome to the club. Luckily there are ways around this common and lamentable conundrum. Obviously, many of them involve motivation techniques and proper budgetingof your time. But the technique I want to cover right now is a little thing called “Tabata.” It’s a fancy name with a simple application and very real results.

Intense Training for a Quick Workout

The Tabata training technique is named after Izumi Tabata. Tabata conducted a series of experiments in which one group of athletes completed an hour of cardio biking at a low intensity while a second group biked at their peak level of effort for a total of only four minutes. This second group exercised for twenty seconds intervals and rested for ten seconds in between. The results of his comparative experiment were somewhat counter-intuitive: After a series of weeks, both groups had seen similar aerobic gains.

The implication here is that a shorter and higher intensity Tabata-style workout is a potential option when you lack the time or patience for a lengthier endeavor. Thankfully, the process of developing a Tabata workout is very straightforward. Pick a few exercises that simultaneously work a large number of muscle groups in the body. Lunges, burpies, pushups, squats or their ilk would fit into this category. Then execute one of these exercises for twenty seconds at a time with the highest degree of speed and intensity you can muster. Next, break for ten seconds, and then alternate to a new exercise and resume for another twenty seconds.

Improving Health

To see the health benefits of this training technique, ideally perform at least six sets per session for twenty seconds a set. At first, you may want to start with less exercise sets for less time and then build up towards six or more twenty second sets. But if you stick to it, over time you’ll see gains in metabolism and cardiovascular fitness. After all, what have you got to lose, four minutes?

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