Taking It Old School: 3 Gym Class Exercises That Burn Fat Fast

While we’re always on the quest to find more and better exercises to help us burn fat, sometimes taking it old school is actually the best way. Some of the exercises that you remember from your gym class days in high school are actually the best for burning fat. They are simple and can be done pretty much anywhere, but will help you to burn tons of calories and eventually help you shed fat if you do them regularly.

Jump Roping

jump rope

Jump roping probably seemed like a fun pastime when you were in gym class. The teacher would break out the jump ropes and you would probably think “Great, an easy day!” With this in mind, you may be surprised at how intense jump roping actually is if you haven’t done it in a while. Do a little jog to warm up, then jump right in and jump rope for as long as you can. This is great for your cardiovascular health and will build leg, arm, and core strength.



Push-ups are an exercise that is introduced in gym class, but hopefully you’ve never completely given these up. Push-ups help you build strength and stability and work pretty much every part of you. Your core, arms, and shoulders benefit the most from these.

Jumping Jacks

Woman jumping on the beach

Jumping jacks can burn about 585 calories per hour for a 160 pound person. These gym class heroes can easily be worked in as a warm-up or can be used as a staple of your regular exercise routine. Jumping jacks look easy, but actually force you to use many different muscle groups at the same time. This raises your heart rate and tones several different areas while helping you to burn fat quickly.

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