The Bicycle Ab Crunch

One great ab exercise to do is the bicycle crunch. While laying flat on the back lift both knees up into the air so that the knees are bent and the feet are parallel with the floor. Bend the elbows and place the hands lightly behind the head making sure not to grasp or pull onto the head or neck area.

Extend one of the legs out in front of the body until it is about thirty degrees above the ground. Bring the elbow of that same side to the opposite knee. For example, if the right leg is extended, bring the right elbow to meet the bent left knee. This motion will create an ab crunch that also works the obliques. 

Do not return to the starting position but continue the same motion on the opposite side. This motion should be sped up so the legs look like they are riding a bicycle. Instead of counting reps for this exercise, use a timer instead. Try to do the bicycle for a minute, and then work up to two minutes if possible. The result of this exercise will be toned abs and obliques that give the abdomen a nicer shape.

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