The Proper Way to use Running as a Cardio Workout

The best cardio workouts can be attained throughrunning or jogging. The movements the body goes through for this past paced exercise is designed to accelerate the heart rate in a short amount of time and keep it in an accelerated mode for an extended period of time. This workout not works to raise the rate at which the heart pumps blood it also speeds of the body’s metabolism. People who run on a regular basis need to make sure they consume enough protein and carbohydrates to prevent their metabolisms from burning off the protein needed for healthy muscles.

Running and jogging also places stress on the bones of the body, which is why it is important to wear a good pair of running shoes. The shoes should have an inner area designed for shock absorption while the treads should be designed for gripping surfaces. The clothing worn by runners should be loose fitting, comfortable and able to carry sweat away from the body. A proper running or jogging technique is to maintain a steady pace as the feet impact the ground while keeping the arms bent forward at the elbows. Breathing should be an even in and out method to help maintain a steady rhythm.

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