The Series 7 Smith Machine is All You Need in a Workout Machine


Trying to find a spotter to work with you while you lift isn’t always easy. Lifting heavy is sometimes the only way to make the gains that you want, though. The series 7 Smith machine can act as your spotter while helping you to work out just about every part of your body.

Lock Out Points and Features

The series 7 Smith machine allows 7 natural upper and lower body movements. 20 cross-member lock out points can be activated with a simple 15-degree rotation of the bar. The 14-position gunrack has 17 inch extra-heavy duty safeties for free weight workout safety. The seven degree reverse pitch provides convenient lift-off points while allowing you to easily perform your favorite chest and shoulder routines. The series 7 works great with any work bench that you choose.

Attachments and Other Options

There is an optional lat attachment for high and low cable exercises. You can do lat pulldowns, cable crossovers, and many of your other favorite cable exercises after adding the lat attachment. Weight plates are can also be purchase to truly make your series 7 Smith machine a dynamic workout booster. Only Olympic style plates can be added to the machine.

Machine Design

The Smith machine was strategically crafted using advanced biomechanical design, superior engineering, and the highest quality standards. The Smith machine series 7 is backed by the best warranty in the industry. The frame is constructed using heavy-duty four-sided welds with 11 and 12 gauge 2”x3” mainframe steel and a 4-point stance for stability. Just one look at the series 7 Smith machine will be enough for you to see that the machine is superior to other home workout machines and really, most of those at the gym as well.


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