These 5 Wall Stretches Will Make You Feel So Good

Doorway Chest Stretch

doorway stretch

Stand in a doorway with your arms raised straight out from your sides. Walk forward slowly until your forearms catch on the wall inside the doorway. Continue to walk forward until you feel the stretch in your chest and shoulders. Do not push yourself, this stretch should feel comfortable, not tense of difficult.

Wall Hamstring Stretch

wall hamstring stretch

Lie down near a wall and scoot up until your bottom and legs are flat against the wall. Keep your feet in an “active” position, parallel to the ceiling. Pull your feet and legs in toward you as far as possible without your back lifting off of the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

Calf Stretch

calf stretch

Stand facing the wall and put your hands against it. Place your feet hip-width apart, then step one foot forward so that your toes and the ball of your foot touch the wall. Keep your heel on the ground to feel the stretch in your calf. You can vary the intensity of this stretch by placing your toes higher or lower and leaning your hips in to varying degrees.

Inner Thigh Stretch

thigh stretch

Lie on your back near a wall and move until your bottom and legs are on the wall. Separate your feet and let your legs slide down the wall until you feel tension. Allow your body to relax and settle deeper into the stretch. You can put your hands on the outside of your thighs if you need more support.

Wall Lat Stretch

Wall lat stretch

Standing near a wall, bend over and place your hands on the wall. Back away from the wall until your back is at the same level as your waist and your palms are flat on the wall. You should feel a nice stretch on the big muscles running down your back.

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