Throw-Downs for Abs

If you have been putting in some cardio, these might just be the final push that you need to show the world that six-pack hiding just under the surface. With just one twenty minute session, you will feel the tightness in your core. The next day you will really feel it, that pleasant ache just above your pubic bone. Throw-downs target the lower abs, getting rid of the “muffin top” look. There are many other styles of laying leg raise style abs work-outs, and all of them will help to target certain areas of the abs. Add this to your routine and watch the lower abs firm up.

Start a Fire in Your Belly

To begin, lie down flat on your back with your legs together. Broaden shoulders, and bend elbows so that hands are above head, with palms facing up. If doing solitary throw-down, you can grab onto a ledge, such as a couch arm, to hold the torso down while lifting legs. If working with a partner, grab the partner’s ankles as he/she stand over you. Raise legs to a ninety degree angle, and then bring them down quickly until they are about two inches from the floor. If working with a partner, the partner should throw legs towards floor to add resistance. The throwing motion will engage gravity to add more resistance than pushing would. Continue to raise legs again and again, not touching the floor on the downswing. Always end with feet about two inches off the ground. At the end of the workout, lower feet until they are only about an inch off the floor and hold the posture for 60 seconds for an added challenge. To tone sides, lift legs to the right side, lower, then lift to the left side. Partner resistance is not recommended when doing sideways throw-downs, as the spine is twisted and the added resistance may result in back injuries.

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