Try a Dance Workout for a Fun Change

dance-workoutsDance moves can help you to tone your abs and core, while having fun. Planks and crunches may be effective, but the routines can get a little boring and tedious. Switching it up to dance workouts can help you learn some new moves, have a little fun, and still get those abs toned and taught. Unlike other workouts, there is no rest in between, the moves should be performed one after another fluidly.

Pop Crunch

Start with your hands behind your head, feet hip-width apart, and spine straight. As you exhale, draw the abs in and bring the right knee toward the chest, crunching in. Balance for a few seconds, then inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side, doing a few reps before moving onto the next move.

Side Reach

Start as before, with feet hip width apart, hands behind head, and spine straight. Reach down to one side, being carefully to keep the body in one plane and not twist. Return to the original position and repeat on the opposite side, then repeat for several reps.

Torso Shake

Stand with knees bent and the feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Put your hands on your hips and keep the abs tight and back straight. Shift the torso to one side, keeping the shoulders and hips steady. Quickly switch sides, and then switch back. Repeat a few times.

Hula Roll

Stand with feet as before, slightly wider than the hips with knees bent. Bring the arms out to the sides with elbows bent so that your hands are in front in fists. Raise the left hip up and backward, continuing the “hula” motion all the way around to the right with abs tight and spine straight. Repeat going in the opposite direction.

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