Try These 3 Hip Stretches To Stay Pain Free and Flexible

Hip mobility is important, because when your hips are weak, your body shifts more weight to your lower back. This can cause pain and issues. You may also have a hard time doing movements that should come very easily. Hips can tighten up over time if they are not stretched regularly. To keep yourself flexible and in good shape, do these hip stretches regularly.

Deep Squats

deep squat

Squats are a fantastic exercise on their own, but dipping just a little deeper into the squat can have major benefits for your hips. To do a deep squat, keep your chest and eyes up and your core pulled in as you lower down into the squat. Lower all the way down and hold onto the front of each shoe for support and extension. Make sure to keep your heels on the ground. Rise up slowly and repeat several times.

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