Want a Great Home Workout? Try One of These 5 Fitness Blender Routines

Fitness Blender is an awesome YouTube channel that contains over 500 workout videos. New videos are added every week, so there is always something fresh and new to choose from. The creators of Fitness Blender are a husband and wife team that wants nothing more than to provide amazing workouts that you can do in your home. All the videos are free to watch and many don’t require any equipment, so you can get the best workout right in your home without spending any money.

10 Minute Abs

fb 10 min abs

If you don’t have a lot of time, but want to make a big impact on your body, try 10 minute abs. The video is a collection of 10 exercises that are done for just 45 seconds each. The whole workout can be done right on a fitness mat with no equipment. The fact that it has been viewed 27 million times should speak for itself.

Fat Burning Cardio Workout


If you want to rev up your metabolism and burn fat fast, check out this video. It is 37 minutes long, so it won’t put a huge dent in your day. Don’t be fooled, though, it is intense. The exercises are simple to do, but will make you sweat and work every part of your body.

Upper Body Tabata Workout


The upper body tabata workout is very high intensity. This workout does require a set of dumbbells and will take nearly an hour. If you want to sculpt your shoulders, arms, and upper back, though, this is the workout for you. Both of the creators of Fitness Blender work together on this video, so you can see each workout from different angles.

Lower Body Toning Workout


The lower body toning workout is almost an hour long and also requires weights. The workouts are simple to follow, but intense in their impact. High knees and squats are just the beginning.

Insane HIIT Challenge

fb insane HIIT challenge

This video is only 35 minutes long and uses no weights, but will get you to work up a sweat quickly. Most of the exercises work more than one area of the body at a time, so you burn the most calories and see the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. There is a lot of running and other cardio combined with strength training exercises, so you will see results quickly.

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