Water Aerobics for Cardiovascular Health


There are a number of great ways to get in aerobic exercise. Many people turn to old standbys like jogging or competitive sports. While traditional aerobic exercise may be the right fit for many people, many of these exercises are tough on those with sensitive joints. If you tend to suffer from aches and pains after aerobic exercise, you may want to think about a low-impact aerobic workout. Water aerobics are a prime example of low-impact cardio.

What Are Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics are aerobic exercises usually performed in water that is about waist deep or a bit higher. The water provides a natural form of resistance for your movement. But the resistance provided by the water is constant over the entire range of your motion – because there are no abrupt changes in the load put on your joints, they tend to experience less jolting than they would during a similar workout routine performed out of the water.

Water aerobics are offered at many health clubs and community centers. If you have sensitive joints or are trying to slowly get back into working out after having suffered an injury, you ought to consider a water aerobics program. If you’re lucky enough to have a personal pool, there are plenty of water aerobics exercises which you may want to learn on your own.

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