Wobble Board Helps Build Ankle Strength


Wobble boards are fun and easy to use and can help to improve your sense of proprioception. Proprioception is the way that we use outside indicators to determine how to use our muscles and control our movement and orientation. Wobble boards can also be extremely helpful in strengthening the ankles, so they are often used in rehabilitation.

Mastering Balance with a Wobble Board

Most wobble boards come with different settings so that you can adjust to using the board. It is also recommended that you start off sitting down while using the board so that you can get used to the feel of balancing on it with your feet. After feeling it out, try standing to balance. It is recommended that wobble boards be used on a carpeted surface to avoid slipping and increase comfort. After getting used to balancing on the board at different settings, more advanced users find it fun to balance on the boards on one leg.

Wobble Board for Rehabilitation

Wobble boards can be used to help strengthen injured areas in the ankles, knees, and lower legs. Balancing on the board for short periods of time at different levels, rocking back and forth or side to side on the board, rotating the board, and doing different exercises on the board can all help to build strength in these areas.

Wobble board for Strength

Doing certain exercises on a wobble board can increase resistance and make the exercises more conducive to strength building-even when injuries are not present. Wobble boards can add a level of challenge to balancing in exercises like squats, but you can also use a wobble board to add difficulty to push ups, planks, and similar exercises. You can even stand on one foot and practice bouncing a ball against a wall to improve hand eye and strengthen the arms while balancing and building leg strength.

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