Work Out Your Problem Areas


I have had a love/hate relationship with working out for a long time. I love all the worst foods and it is very difficult to get rid of the fat that inevitably creeps onto my softer parts. For a long time, I made the mistake of thinking that working out in general would magically dissolve the fat in these areas. How frustrating when it didn’t!

I have since come to understand that working out can burn calories and can replace fat with muscle, but it cannot actually magically melt fat. This has been a consoling lesson in some ways, because now I can work on targeting certain areas and building the muscle, without as much stress or expectation. Instead of doing hours of cardio hoping to watch the tummy melt away, I also understand a little more about carving areas out and sculpting muscle.

You Body Stays in the Shape It Is In Most Often

Like the 80s movie in which the two kids’ faces stay in the same weird position, your body assumes the shape that it is in most often. You joints, tendons, muscles, and fat all start to adapt to that position. If that is sitting down in a rounded form, expected rounded shoulders, a rounded tummy, and an unfortunately flat bottom. By working out regularly and assuming proper posture, you help to redefine the shape of your body.

Stick with Certain Exercises

A mirror can help you find the exercises that work best for you. When you do a weighted knee pole and your stomach curls into what would be a beautiful six pack if not for those roles, try to do that one more often. When you’re rowing and your biceps and shoulders look gorgeously toned and defined, add it to your repertoire. Find the exercises that shape your body the way you want it to look and go with them! You will achieve the results you want faster, without so much frustration.

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