Work That Chest


Strong chest muscles can keep you looking young and healthy and can provide a good supportive structure for strong arms, a strong core, and a strong back. Many of the most popular chest exercises are popular for a reason-they work. To get the most from your chest exercises, understand that the chest is only made up of two main muscle groups, the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major. Hitting these two muscle groups can give you a defined, robust looking chest. For ladies, it can pick everything up.

Bench Press

One of the most popular moves of all time, the bench press is a simple move that requires only a workout bench and a barbell. To do a bench press, you simply lie down, grasp the barbell in both hands, and completely extend your arms. To do repetitions, bring the barbell down close to your chest and then extend your arms again. As you feel bench presses getting easier to do, be sure to add more weight to keep seeing gains.


Push-ups are a multi-purpose exercise that can have a heavy impact on your chest muscles, but can also work almost every other muscle group. To do a proper push-up, keep your feet close together, your body in a line, and your hands directly under your shoulders. The body should work as one unit when lowering down and raising up. If any part of the body touches the ground before you have completely lowered down, it may be necessary to do a modification.

Kettlebell Flye

Kettlebell flyes are a variation of the chest fly and are a little more difficult because of the difference in grip. For best results, use kettlebells that are a little lighter than the dumbbells you would normally use. To start, lie on a workout bench with a kettlebell in each hand and the arms extended to each side but slightly bent. Bring the kettlebells together over your chest and then lower. Repeat until exhaustion.


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