Working out your chest

Upper body strength is important for a multitude of factors other than nice looking pecks. For starters, it can help one’s endurance, especially when pushing specific items. It can help those disabled and need to push a wheelchair longer (not that you will ever be in one). Chest muscles also help support the shoulders and upper torso. This article will help you with push-ups, which is an essential workout designed to strengthen the chest muscles.

Push-ups not only benefit the pectoral muscles, but also helps with shoulder health. To start this exercise, lay flat on your chest with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. There needs to be a straight line from your shoulders, down to your ankles, as you both push up and come back down. Also, when you push up, make sure your glutes are being squeezed. This will help you avoid lower back pain. When you lower your body, make sure it remains in a straight line. It’s best to start, doing as many push-ups as you can, and then gradually move up to doing morewhen you feel comfortable. 

I hope this helps bring you closer to a stronger, healthier and leaner body.

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