Workout without Weights or Equipment

workout-without-weightsWith the winter raging in most parts of the country right now, going to the gym may be difficult and inadvisable. It many areas, the gyms and fitness centers will close due to adverse conditions. If the gym is closed and you have no weights or equipment at home, it doesn’t have to prevent your workout, however. There are many workouts that can be done using only body weight and some common household fixtures.

Old School Fallbacks

You can always revert to the exercises that you learned how to do back in school: sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and crunches. These are excellent exercises for toning the core and can help to switch up the daily grind. If you find yourself hitting a plateau, you can always do descending reps until burnout to up the ante. This is done by starting with ten in a set, then moving to nine in a set, and so on until burnout.

Check Out Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates do not require equipment, so these workouts can be done without equipment. Both types of exercise focus on strength and flexibility, so they can help fitness connoisseurs to develop both of these qualities. Pilates and yoga can be done by beginners and fitness experts alike. When doing poses, it is very helpful to have a mirror nearby so that form can be validated. Doing yoga or pilates and holding poses with poor form can be dangerous.

Follow the Kids’ Example

Kids have a lot of fun doing silly exercises that can be even more challenging and beneficial to adults. The bear crawl is done by lying face-down on the ground and extending arms and legs out as far as possible and trying to walk like that. The crab walk can be done by laying face-up on the ground and trying to walk on hands and feet with knees bent.

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